Average Home Price: $534,879 (2008)

Most common housing type: Semi-Detached, 2 Storey, 3 beds

The elusive detached: 15.2%

Keeping up with the Joneses? Clinton Street Jr is ranked #360 out of 2742 Ontario elementary schools.

Most peeps consider Bloor to be the northern boundary of little Italy

My average neighbour is –  There’s still a mix in this area – students and hipsters renting, young families who got in before prices went crazy and older Portuguese or Italian families (often more than one generation in a house).

Cruisin down college on my scooter

What do you love about your neighborhood? Proximity to everything.  You can walk to Queen St though some lovely streets and parks, Kensington Market or walk up to the subway and get anywhere in the city.

What do you like least about your neighborhood? Weekend nights on College Street.  It’s basically a no-go zone as 905-ers flood in to go to bars and clubs.

What do you wish you knew before you bought in the area? The area is now priced out of reach of the people who made it cool in the first place, so young families and couples are moving further west or to the east end.  College Street really isn’t for residents anymore on the weekends which is sad.

Best street / worst street and why?

Best – Montrose gets the most props.  It’s a very pretty street without too much traffic.

Worst – College Street on weekends.  Nightmare for traffic both on the roads and sidewalks.  It’s like a completely different place.

Typical casas in Little Italy

Best places to dine? We usually skip College street and stay on Harbord for dinner. Roxton, Tati, Tacos El Asador, Utopia, Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu, Chabichou Café, The Big Chill for dessert

Best places to caffeinate? Sam James Coffee Bar

Best places to get boozy? Roxton, Souz Dal

Best places to shop? Red Pegasus, Girl Friday, Balisi, Motoretta

Best places to toss a frisbee? Bickford Park

Must drive or TTC friendly? TTC all the way – or bike!  Harbord bike lane is one of the best.  Cars are a pain in this area due to a lack of parking and all the one-way streets.


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