Average Home Price:  $455,753 (2008)

Most common housing type:  Semi-Detached, 2 Storey, 3 beds

The elusive detached:  32.8%

Keeping up with the Joneses?  Annette Street PS is ranked #1357 out of 2742 Ontario elementary schools.  Parents’ average income is $103,100.

Houseflies around the city answer our questions…

My average neighbour is:  A mixture of pretty homogenous middle-class families south of Dundas, and a combo of immigrant families and hipsters above Dundas.  

What do you love about your neighborhood?  The energy of a revitalized neighbourhood.  The mixture of artists, families and cultures. The Junction Arts Festival in September is a great street fair that showcases the offerings of the whole hood.  If you feel the need for big box shopping, Staples, Home Depot, Rona, Walmart and Swiss Chalet are only a hop, skip, jump away.

A beautiful day in the neighborhood. Photography by Grant McDonald

What do you like least about your neighborhood?  Truth be told, Dundas is a busy through road.  It’s not the greatest street for strolling, especially in the winter.  

What do you wish you knew before you bought in the area?  The GO Train expansion project has been a nasty surprise.  Construction noise has been bad around Dundas and Dupont and we’re all worried about increased air pollution if additional diesel trains are approved.

Best places to dine:  Rawlicious, Curry Twist, Vesuvios

Best place to caffeinate:  Crema, Reba’s Cafe  

Best places to get boozy:  Axis Gallery and Grill, The Troubador, Margret

Best places to shop:  Sweet Potato Organic Grocery, Pandemonium, Butcher by Nature, Post and Beam, Smash, Cornerstone for furniture, Eclectic Revival, Big Daddy’s DVD’s

A typical Junction side street featuring lovely Victorian casas

Best place to toss a frisbee?  Not much green space in the Junction itself.  However, the new West Toronto Railpath starts at the far east end of the Junction, and High Park is 10 minutes away. 

Must drive or TTC friendly?   Buses on Dundas and Annette.  A 10-12 minute walk to subway.

Get ready for the spotlight:  Skid Row to Hip in Toronto, New York Times


One Response to “Junction”

  1. Lizzie Says:

    Interesting site with useful info.
    I would like to bring to your attention the map used for the Junction doesn’t really correspond with the recognized boundaries.
    The area map above is the Junction Triangle so it’s a bit misleading.
    Keep up the good work!

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