I am a creative executive at a television network and I’ve lived in Toronto off and on since 2000.  Moving house is my earliest memory – I moved over twenty times before the age of eighteen and spent my childhood either unpacking boxes or packing them.  Since moving to Toronto I’ve lived in C1(Little Italy), E1 (Leslieville), and E2 (the Beach).  I started this blog to help other Torontonians deal with the overwhelming process of buying a house in our fair city.  I’m not an agent or an expert.  I’m just a regular girl next door who hopes to provide an unbiased fountain of information for homeowners and homeowners to be.

If you need any advice on your real estate search, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at houseflytoronto@gmail.com and I’ll answer your questions on my blog.


11 Responses to “About Moi”

  1. thehousefly Says:

    Thanks for reading! If you have any feedback on life in your pocket of the city, I’d love to hear from you.

  2. Lara Nguyen Says:

    I absolutely love your real estate blogs! I was a kid in a candy store when I started reading your most recent ones. So funny yet so informative. I will send you an email real soon.

    1. thehousefly Says:

      Thanks Lara! Just let me know if you have any specific real estate issues you need help with. And in the meantime, keep on reading!

  3. Marcia Douglas Says:

    Great Blog. Know all too well how hard it is to try to navigate this market and in a city made up of small neighborhoods it is so hard to know were to look to fit yourself in.

    BTW nice shout out on Dead Things on Sticks today 🙂

    1. thehousefly Says:

      Thanks Marcia! Stay tuned for more fly-on-the-wall fun.

  4. laurajane Says:

    LOVE your blog!

    I live in the newly-renamed “Danforth Village”, north of the Danforth between Woodbine & Main. We’ve been here since 2006 and live ina cute little bungalow. Just wondered what your thoughts are on the area? We love it (super conveniently located- Go Train/Subway/Lakeshore/DVP/Bloor), however I keep hearing bad things about the area, though we’ve experienced very little of that.

    Another subject you might consider writing about is the rising prevalence of master bedrooms in the basements of bungalows. We added ours when we renovated the basement last winter, and couldn’t be happier with the extra space compared to the smaller bedroom sizes on the main floor. I’d love to hear what you think of the idea (we saw TONNES when we were looking in ’06 and it didn’t seem to deter people!)

    1. thehousefly Says:

      Thanks for reading! I bid on a house near you on East Lynn back in 2006 so we could have been neighbours. It is a great area although I don’t know it extremely well. Property is still (relatively) affordable and although crime is supposed to increase around Main, it still feels like a very family friendly area. I’d love to write a neighborhood profile on the hood if you’d want to spill the beans on life in the DV? And thanks for the ideas for other posts!

  5. Anne Says:

    Hey, your blog is great.Can’t imagine moving house so many times. Is that how you became interested in Real estate – I wonder.And do you remember all the houses you lived in.

    1. thehousefly Says:

      Yes, my childhood moves definitely inspired my interest in real estate. I spent many weekend afternoons getting dragged around open houses by my parents or fighting with my brothers in the parked car outside. I don’t remember any of the houses I lived in for less than a year. A few of the ones that stand out had special magical features, like a babbling brook in the back garden of our house in Llanblethian, Wales. Or the ones that are memorable in a bad way, like the house that backed onto a Ford dealership… the flood lights and paint fumes are hard to forget!

  6. Kyle Says:

    All i want for Christmas is to see some more House Crushes!

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