Is anyone else suffering from a bad cold and general November in June state of mind?  While my friends and countrymen congregate on patios throughout the city tonight, I will be curling up with some must-see rentals.  Although I’m lucky enough to have the Film Buff on my doorstep, I had to travel to the back room of Queen Video at Queen/Spadina (no, not that back room) to acquire these goodies.  And of course, it’s a real estate themed double bill.  This is Housefly, remember!

First up, Indecent Proposal.  Weird choice you think?  Although this movie was made almost twenty years ago, it’s never been more relevant.  As you’ll probably recall, Demi Moore is offered a million dollars in exchange for one night with Robert Redford.  At the time, that was a ton of dough but in modern times, it barely covers the cost of a Toronto home in the Annex with necessary modifications for personal taste.  Doesn’t it feel much more realistic for an average person to be offered a mil in 2010?  I can kind of put myself in Demi’s shoes now.  And what you probably don’t remember is that the whole reason Demi agreed to this crazy scheme was because her dream house (a modernist architectural gem designed by her husband Woody Harrelson) was going into foreclosure due to the recession of the early ’90’s.  Seems like Demi and Woody over-stretched.  Um, hello – how’s that for tapping into the cultural consciousness?

The house that Woody built. Here he is admiring the ocean views and contemplating whether it was all worth it... unobstructed ocean views are very hard to come by!


Now for a slice of the lighter things in life – The Money Pit.  This movie was very hard to track down and I could only rent it as part of a Tom Hanks retrospective DVD.  So now I’ve got Dragnet and The Burbs if anyone’s interested.  Don’t all volunteer at once.  The Money Pit stars Tom Hanks and Shelley Long as a fresh-faced couple who purchase their first house without a home inspection only to discover it’s basically a tear down.

First of all, isn't this the best sweatsuit you've seen in ages? Move over Lulu Lemon! Note the never-ending drywall repair in the background. Apologies to the purists, but we're going to have to lose that lath and plaster!

I remember this being one of my childhood favourites, along with Teen Wolf and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.  Lots of Home Alone-esque physical gags which is always fun when you’re ten (don’t deny trying to set up a Micro Machines trap for your siblings!) but we’ll see how it holds up for 2010.  Given that it’s one of the only movies  I can think of that has a plot centered around renovation, I think we can safely deposit The Money Pit in our time capsule for the people of 2210.

Bon weekend, houseflies!